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Loki Lima: doin' it for the kids.

As Loki staff and visitors know its better to give than receive, especially at Christmas, so the staff joined up with a local school, Escuela de Quest, to bring presents, Panetone and Hot Chocolate for the young children on Christmas Eve. After trying to find the place for about an hour, asking at least 8 people on the street, and laughing a lot as we kept circling the same block over and over again we eventually arrived in the early afternoon.

Immediately the two chicas were on dancing duty while the men were in the kitchen (how it should be). The girls danced up a storm with kids that - lets face it - looked a bit nervous, but still having a great time. A few of the smart ass kids yelled out "baila gringas baila" and with the clown's wig and santa hat there was definitely a slightly weird but festive theme to the dance floor. We also learned that little kids and gringos alike enjoy dancing to 'We No Speak Americano'.

After the dancing, the panetone was given out and Loki staffers played Santa and gave out the presents, purchased and wrapped by guests staying at Loki Lima. When someone jokingly asked what the mothers were going to get, one of the older kids yelled out "los gringos". Daniel (Loki Lima bar manager) was up for it but the other two guys pretended to be coy...

It was a fun afternoon and a great way to spread a bit of Christmas cheer, which benefited the kids and Loki guests alike who were away from home and their usual festivites. All the Lokis take pride in community involvement as well as having a good time and this year was no different. We are now gearing up for 2011 and wish everyone a happy New Year.