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MONDAY, 03, MAY, 2010

Loki Blog – CuscoExtension


Loki Cusco is growing!!!  We are currently in the process of restoring our recently aquired 250 year old building conveniently located right next door with the long term aim of having an additional 130 beds(spread across all different room types), more common areas and space to chill out in.


Restoration workstarted in early February with 8 construction workers concentrating on thestructural side of things such as roof framing, foundations and wall bracing/re-enforcing all of which has since been completed.  The gang has since grown to 50 construction workers who are currently concentrating on services(water, sewage,gas & electricity), interior/exterior cladding, landscaping and general finishes.  We also have 5 restoration carpenters who have spent the last 6 weeks rebuilding the main balcony and restoring antique windows and doors to their original glory.


First stage of the extension which will be an additional 44 beds(small and large dorms) will beready just in time for the start of the football world cup starting on June 11th.

We certainly realize the ambitious opening date however it wouldn’t be true Loki style without oneand we are working around the clock to make this happen.


Check out the photos of the Cusco Extension here: