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Extract from our Facebook Page:


Loki Hostels: The best Steak in South America....?


Jessica Price: Las cabras, buenos aires !


Priscyla Valle: Las lilas buenos aires, el mercado de Montevideo, cualquier churrasqueria de brasil, los troncos en quito, y andres carne de res en bogota uuuuu


MariaJose Erazo: La Parrila del Ñato en Guayaquil-Ecuador :D


Maz Navarro: la cabrera buenos aires! LA MONUMENTAL - SALTA!


Andrea Blair: La Cabrera BA for sure...


Jarny Mj: Undoubtedly Don Albertos de Bariloche!


Sybil Ramos Sheen: ‎"Miranda" in Palermo Hollywood,Buenos Aires Arg. and "El Hornero" in Lima Perú


Loki Lima Hostel: ive heard the best steak is from paraguay!!! can anyone confirm this ;)


Rod Scanlan: Siga La Vaca at Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires!! 60pesos all you can eat incl bottle wine


Rod Scanlan: And the Gaucho ranch in Salta


Georgine Adriaansen: The old fashioned Monumental in Salta, Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michael Fruergaard: Don ernesto in BA isnt bad at all;-) - but in my opinion the Best meat is from Argentina ... And if you know the secret to make chimichurri and have a good butcher and good friends thats All you need ;-)


Thamires Rocha: Siga La Vaca at Puerto Madero - Bs As


Loki Hostels: Good chimichuri recipes anyone?


Mauricio Tamayo: S Kings of kings umm


Michael Fruergaard: its in danish: use google translate;-) its my recipe and this recipe is so good that; a girl cried over how good it was, an argentine from mendoza decided not to make his version when he tasted it, five guys from uruguay ate half of the portion I made for 20 people ;-)


Loki Hostels: Nice one Michael!


Adriana Cruz Barrera: En andres carne de res en bogota colombia


Jay Croghan Iguazu: had some of the best steak I've ever tasted in my life!


Kate Beeching: Not steak per se, but carne con papas from the kiosk near the clan, b.a. Heaven!


Cin Soldatich: El desnivel en San Telmo, Buenos Aires!!!! no doubt!


Kate Beeching: i like how loki hostels likes everything we write. It makes me feel like we are appreciated still in our distant corners around the world.


Loki Hostels: Hey Kate :) We "like" everything you write because what you write makes us feel appreciated wherever you guys are!


Elliot Freeman: El Viejo Jack in Salta... JUST beats La Cabrera for me :)


Reima Saleem: Ummm everywhere in Argentina :)


Gutti Strombolli: La Brigada en BsAs. El chinchulin de Cabaña Las Lilas....


Patrick Whelan: any churrascaria in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil...their meat is as good as Argentina and they actually season it and cook it better


Melanie de Waal: Con amigos y mucho vino ;)


Christine Simpson: la cabrera ba


Luis Vilchez: Mancora - Peru xD....!!!