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06 MAY 2014
Conocí los hostales Loki por primera vez cuando viajé a Lima. Me encantó la experiencia y por lo tanto cuando fui a Salta, Argentina, no dudé en ir a este hostal. Es hermoso. Viajé con una persona mayor por lo que decidimos pagar un poco más pero estar en una habitación privada. Las habitaciones son como cabañas, por lo menos la nuestra, muy espaciosa, con un baño con agua MUY caliente (que se aprecia bastante pues las mañanas son heladas). Si bien el hostal no está en el centro de la ciudad, hay locomoción a la salida que te puede llevar al centro. Si quieres recorrer los alrededores de Salta (ruta del vino, entre otros), una buena opción es arrendar un auto. Pero, volviendo al hostal, en realidad tienes todas las comodidades, además el hostal ofrece cena a un precio razonable con porciones que dejan satisfecho a cualquier viajero. El ambiente es tranquilo, pero siempre hay un ambiente de entretención para quienes lo busquen. Sirve mucho el hecho que las habitaciones no estén próximas a la gran casa, pues si quieres paz absoluta, la tienes en tu habitación.


16 APRIL 2014
“Great place altough the length” Great atmoaphere, great staff, great view! Stayed here for five days, had a lot of fun. The rooma were tidy, staff were really nice and welcoming It's a bit far from the town (25 min bus ride) but totally worth it!


29 MARCH 2014
Fiquei lá em dezembro com minha namorada em um quarto matrimonial, o quarto era bem grande e limpo, o hostel é 30 min do centro da cidade mas sempre tem ônibus que passam na frente e o pessoal do hostel ajuda com cartões que facilita bastante...o local eh bem legal com piscina..campo de futebol...ótimo lugar!


30 OCTOBER 2013
This place definitely made Salta worth the trip. While Loki was a bit outside of town, it was easy to get to by bus and we had no problems going to and from town. Got there about 3 months into a backpacking trip I can say for sure that those were the best beds I've slept in. Awesome staff and good food at reasonable prices. More of a relaxed atmosphere compared to most other Lokis (which we probably needed at that point) but still plenty to do with daily activities and parties at night. Loved that the rooms were about a hundred yards away from the main bar so no problems with noise if you want to just head to bed.


24 OCTOBER 2013
Whilst the hostel is out of town the bus to and from Salta is regular and cheap (although you need either change in coins or a bus card) so you can stll get into town to explore and the setting is nice and peaceful. The staff were friendly and helpful. The rooms are all a reasonable distance from the main building and are quiet and comfortable. The food and drink in the hostel is reasonable and cheap and whilst the free breakfast is pretty run of the mill bread and jam (which is pretty much standard throughout south america in my experience) the options on the menu are good and fairly priced. The atomosphere in and around the hostel is lively but laid back and felt like people naturally hanging out rather than the "organised fun"/bunch of drunk teenagers vibes that you sometimes get at more party orientated hostels. Beds in the hostel are free until december so obviously are currently amazing value. Generally it´s a really nice place to spend a few days particularly if you want to take a break and relax a little.