Calling All Football Fans 


For all who missed the 6-1 defeat of Argentina at the hands of Bolivia, now is your chance to catch this exciting Left-Wing derby between Evo's Bolivia and Chavez's Venezuela. 


The high altitude of Hernandes Siles stadium can be challenging to many  visiting teams. At +3600meters it can pose a challenge to even the visiting fans. Argentinian journalists and soccer pundits blamed Argentina's defeat on the oxygen-deprived air. This was a bit odd since "God" himself, Diego had played a challenge match against a Bolivian team led by Evo Morales a couple of months ago to petition FIFA to allow Bolivia play in their capital city. 


Loki Hostel La Paz will secure you a ticket for the next international since that match. We will have a few beers in the bar and then see if the Bolivians can pull off another surprise! 


Contact [email protected] for details and ticket information.