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MONDAY, 03, MAY, 2010

Loki Blog – CuscoExtension


Loki Cusco is growing!!!  We are currently in the process of restoring our recently aquired 250 year old building conveniently located right next door with the long term aim of having an additional 130 beds(spread across all different room types), more common areas and space to chill out in.


Restoration workstarted in early February with 8 construction workers concentrating on thestructural side of things such as roof framing, foundations and wall bracing/re-enforcing all of which has since been completed.  The gang has since grown to 50 construction workers who are currently concentrating on services(water, sewage,gas & electricity), interior/exterior cladding, landscaping and general finishes.  We also have 5 restoration carpenters who have spent the last 6 weeks rebuilding the main balcony and restoring antique windows and doors to their original glory.


First stage of the extension which will be an additional 44 beds(small and large dorms) will beready just in time for the start of the football world cup starting on June 11th.

We certainly realize the ambitious opening date however it wouldn’t be true Loki style without oneand we are working around the clock to make this happen.


Check out the photos of the Cusco Extension here:

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FRIDAY, 30, APRIL, 2010

Here are some of the Customer Responses to the Lonely Planet Review, to see more check our Loki Hostels Page on Facebook



Don't even take noticeof this... Loki has such a reputation and word-of-mouth that people are goingto flock there no matter what Lonely Planet say. Besides there is truth in whatLP wrote, Loki is a party hostel and does attract crowds... because LOKI ROCKS!however LP have failed to mention that Loki is CLEAN, FRIENDLY, CHEAP, HELPFUL,HAS FREE INTERNET AND GAMES, A GREAT TOUR DESK, COMFY BEDS AND BEAUTIFULDECOR. We stayed at all 4 Loki's and I've been recommending them to everyoneI've spoken to since.


Krupa Patel 

i heart loki....iactually scrawled it into my footprints guidebook which is making its wayaround my friends...


Geoff Rose 

they're not calledLonely Liar for nothing - I love Loki and had an awesome time at your La Pazhostel (and others)



Lonely planet isstruggling to stay alive due to an unprecedented technology... the internet!!Websites such as wikitravel and hostelworld are free and far far more up todate than LP could ever be. Given the fiasco with the Columbian edition in 2008I woulnt be suprised if the writer of this article actually visited the hostelor indeed La Paz itself.


Max da Silva 

I stayed and worked inLoki La Paz last April and had an amazing time!!! Some friends of mine fromEngland stayed there recently, after my recommendations and loved it so muchthey stayed for three weeks!!! I also remember an older lady from Oz staying atLoki and loving it!!! Lonely Planet should sort it out!!!!


Robert Halley 

just reinforces acommon theory that the Lonely Planet is complete bolleex for travel advice.Keep up the good work Loki


Shane Crowley 

just lookin at thisshite...........they were obviously looking for some pommy place that servestea in the afternoon.......fuck em. anyhow its getting worse every year. thelonely planet. I reckon they have ghosts that write that shite!! On the Lokibest place in the world to stay.........every country should have a loki hostel…


Koen Schraauwers 

This is amazinglystupid and a bad move for LP itself. They went to extents that they didn't haveto when a friend died and I had to fly back right away. Screw LP!


Denise Clery 

They could not havegotten it more wrong. It was 100% an opinionated snub, dont they pridethemselves on their apparent unbiased opinions?, have never seen such anobviously biased review like that in any of their books. They have totally letthemselevs down by letting that writers opinion be printed. I think mosttravellers after a while release the LP is not reliable for its accommodationrecommendations, Loki has a great review on hostelworld and thats a much morerespected source than LP.


Teresa Gotay 

surprised LP would saysomething like this. Loved Loki La Paz, and all of the Loki's. In the last yearI've found LP to be not so reliable when it comes to things... Countless timesI've come across places that I'm wondering why they suggested. Looks like theyneed some fresh blood to reflect and liven up future reviews! Not even sayingit should say Loki is the BEST EVER, (which it is teehee) but it should be afair opinion... not just a downgrading review. That's my two cents.

Louise Parkinson 

The really sad thingabout this review is that it doesnt just attempt to insult the hostel, but thetype of people who stay there??! This is a prime example of everything thatswrong with the lonely planet, wanting to cater to a certain type of"proper" traveller who think that you're not experiencing SouthAmerica unless it involves an open toilet and a llama! 

Having been all over South America, I can honestly say that I have never stayedat a hostel that was so genuinely committed to making sure that their guestshad a wonderful time. It is the little things that make Loki La Paz the gemthat it is...the 2 fluffy pillows, the huge beds, the massive duvets with extrablankets if you're cold, the boiling showers, the free internet, the gorgeoussunday roast....and most importantly the posters all over the hostel thatinvite you to come and visit Osgur's office for a chat, to ask for advice, orto scrounge some Barrys Tea!

As a traveller you can really become part of the Loki family by taking a coupleof weeks to work behind the bar, volunteer with Para Los Ninos, and get to knowthe local staff and the other travellers. There is no hostel that gets a betterreview on the backpacker circut...the lonely planet isnt fit to be used asBolivian toilet roll.


Thrudur Helgadottir 

It's been ages since ISTOPPED relying on the advice of Lonely Planet when it comes to guesthouses -the one's I've stayed at which have been recommended by them have been theshabbiest, most run down places I've ever been inside of.

That said, LOKI doesn't even have to be in a Lonely Planet guidebook... Theycall you "self-promoting", which I don't really understand... you dopromote your other hostels in other parts of South America, and what's wrongwith that? If the people like what they've seen, they'd like some more of itand stay at the other hostels. Maybe Lonely Planet just doesn't like thechain-effect at all, as they try to promote family businesses etc., and theirtravellers perhaps getting a tad too old, i.e. a LOT older and a LOT less funthan the young crowds that actually BUY their books. Shame on them!


Andrew Spud Smith I would just like tosay that loki la paz is one of the most fantastic places on 
earth and the staff and owners are some of the most helpful and friendly insouth america.nd one more thing people I really like the lonley planet but onlybecause the paper is softer than footprints for wiping your arse on!!


Nathan Strom 

Loki La Paz was thebest hostel I stayed at in over a 4 month trip around the world. It hadeverything from great food, entertainment, friendly staff, great nights out,safe environment, hygiene, and everything else you need in a Hostel. I stayedfor three weeks and I was only suppose to stay for 4 nights. The Lonely Planethas lost a lot of respect by publishing this and I am so disappointed apublication with so much following around the world has got things totally wrong.You just have to ask the 1000s of people who stay at the hostel year in andyear out how good the place is. Most of my great traveling highlights come fromLoki Lapaz. I absolutely loved that place.


Dean Robertson 

Fucking bull Shit...Loki la paz is by far one of the best hostels i've stopped at. Amazing friendlystaff, hot powerful showers, 24hr cleaners making sure everything is sorted.Also the bar is closed early and insilated, keeping out all the amazing tunesand people from making too much noise for the tired ones. I can honestly saythat having travelled around the world, in many many hostels that Loki lapaz would be the only one I will Deffo go back to in the future... Also the onein cusco is also amazing. It's a cool and modern chain that have an amazingconcept... Thats my rant over, loves to you all at the Loki massive xxx


Olivia Carter 

We had an amzing timeat Loki over a couple of weeks, the staff were really understanding andeveryone was so friendly, it was the perfect place for us during our travellingin Bolivia, The write up is completely unfair! xx


Russ Gardiner 

Was great to stay withyou at Loki La Paz back in 2008...just sums up LP really. I'd offer a theorythat your inimitable reputation with travellers is what will keep thingsafloat...not the rantings of a self-indulgent journo...

I wrote an article a few moons ago and you guys featured in it...check itout...

Peace out Loki!!



Polly Farrar 

I have stayed at boththe Loki La Paz Hostel and at the Lima branch. The staff were friendly, chattyand helpful, I even got a free taxi ride from the airport from one of theowners! 
Puttting these hostels in the 'young crazy backpacker party scene hostel' seemsto be an easy way out for the journalist. Yes, they do have bars, yes they dohave young people. But the bars are fantastic and I met some brilliantfriends there of all ages. Chilling out with a few red wines and playing pool Iactually found enjoyable! I also booked excursions here, used the internet andevery night got a lovely QUIET nights sleep in very comfy beds. (My room wasround the corner from bar in La Paz.) Also the building was amazing!
Totally positive experience.
Hope you get some better feedback - daft planet.


Andrew Wade 

It's official! Thelonely planet doesn't like fun! Or comfy beds. Or hot showers. Or flor de cana.Jerks. Whatever shread of credibility those clowns might have had is gone.Huzzah for Loki!


Sandy Lynn 

WOW, what a load ofbollox that review is. My memories of LOKI are of the friendly staff, amazingbeds and duvets, great bar and having an amazing time there. Admittadly some ofmy memories are a little hazy after trips to vivians and the like but I loved theplace on par with The Point Cusco where I worked for a month so that's sayingsomething.I recommended it to many other travellers that I met along the way.Most people will take a first hand recommendation from other travellers abovewhat LP says. I no I have many times and they normally end up being amazinghostels.


Suzanne Gormley 

I had a great time inboth hostels. And also highly recommended the hostels to all friends. Inrelation to lonely planet we stayed in places that they recommended which uwouldn't put your worst enemy. Don't mind it, u know that word of mouth willserve u far longer and far greater. Muchos love guys keep up the good work!


Charly Bradshaw 

That's a load of crap!The writer is clearly showing his age (sounds about 50) and hasn't a clue aboutbackpacking loki la paz is a great hostel


Patrick Quinn 

Oscar, don't let thatshit annoy u lad. Travelled for a year and a half and it was the best two weeksof the whole lot with u guys at Loki la Paz.....although u did let me spend afortune!!! I've yet to meet one person that didn't have a good word to say boutthe place.....apart from the staff havin dodgy barnets!!! Hope ur all keepinwell lad and best of luck in 2010.....


Jennifer Burke 

the LPs slanderous andhighly unfavourable review of loki is sure to antagonise the tempers of loyaland pasionate "loki people" . Without a doubt one of the crowningmoments of my 4month trip to south america was the experiences I encounterd inloki; in an attempt not to repeat what everthyone else said ( ie the duvets,food,staff etc...which are all amazing) loki has a soul! sure it is abusiness at the end of the day but the guys who run it do so with sincerity.
I made some wonderful friends there, the location meant I could explore thecity very easily, the staff werre always there to help even when 2 of my matesgot their passports nicked and the comfort and cleanliness provided is awelcome perk to all weary la loki


Maria Reti 

agreed. Lonely Planetcan fall off the face of the earth for all I care, They likely have a room fullof chimpanzees who are writing these reviews. Loki is one of the best hostelsin S.A. as far as I'm concerned :) I miss my loki family


Jessie Koen 

What a stupid review.You're doing an amazing job there Osgur, keep up the good work and rituallyburn LP :) Stayed there in 2007 but still think about it from time to time, defthe best hostel I've been -which is mainly due to the great people workingthere! xx


Lorenzo Dolcetti 

I traveled almost 2years in southamerica, was in loki first time in 2007... best beds in a hostel,really hot showers, clean and large bathrooms and I could talk about food, barand, most of all staff...
I came back 2009/10 for more than 40 days...
Thanks all you guys, again.
fuck LP


Eric Nelson 

Best hostel ever? BESTHOSTEL EVER!!! Working there will live fondly in my heart til my dying breath.


Djamila Hocini 

when I first arrivedin South America and mentionned I was going to Bolivia and Peru, all the guys Imet along the way recommended LOKI.
I stay at Loki twice( cusco.La Paz)...Amaazing!!!



South America is notthe easiest place to travel, Loki was a very welcome break from being cold,dirty & uncomfortable. It has everything you could want and makes you relaxand prepare for your onward journey.
Having been involved in a very nasty accident in 2008 the staff were trullyfantastic at sorting us last minute beds, hot food, a strong drink and somewise words.
Thank you Loki!


lee page 

these guys (lonellplanet) are becoming so far removed from grass roots backpacking itsrediculous. there is a certain type of backpacker that seems to need to sufferto enjoy themselves (aka wankers!) i for one had a ball there. loki la paz.....oscar, alen, cam, andy, penny, joel, andy, i salute you,! amen


James Faughnan 

ha, The only thing youcan trust in the lonely planet is the maps, dont worry lads, you cant open themost successful chain of hostels in south america if your not doing somethingright, shur even most of my latino buddies love the lokis


Katie Brown 

2009 was the firstChristmas i've spent away from my family...not that i could tell because whilststaying in Loki i made new family :)
That combined with a beautiful building, awesome bar, spacious chill out zones,great food, comfiest hostel beds i've ever stayed in, showers hotter and morepowerfull than my own home makes it the best hostel i stayed in in Boliva,South America and and the other 13 countries i have travelled.
Do i need to continue or is all that's left to do, raise my middle fingers inthe direction of the LP.
Thanks to all involved that made my stay in La Paz unforgettable, love u all xx

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Read below for the full story, but also join us for discussion about this on


Our Response:

The latest edition (7) of the Lonely Planet Bolivia, does a disservice to its readers and to the truth.

In this edition Loki Hostel, which is the largest Hostel in La Paz, is relegated to a subsection reminiscent of the regular section: “Dangers and Annoyances”. As a co-owner of the hostel, we are compelled to contact you to express our anger at what seems to be a deliberate snub by the writer.

Loki Hostel is situated in the architecturally impressive 100 year old Hotel Viena. Its bar is arguably the most stunning Hostel Bar in South America with chandeliers and gold details on the ceiling not to mention the palatial gold mirrors adorning the walls.

We are the one of the highest rated Hostel in the City on Hostelworld and part of a chain that prides itself on providing the guests with comfortable beds, hot showers, friendly staff and safe surroundings. We have a tour agency on site that consistently sells more Bike tours, bus and plane tickets than anyone else in the city. We have an Oxygen Bar on the top floor and a roof terrace that offers stunning view of Mount Illimani. We are owner-managed and yearly we help hundreds of backpackers with issues that arise on their trip such as lost credit cards, theft, emergency trips home etc. We have developed excellent relationships with local authorities and Tourist Police that can facilitate guests’ needs.

Our Hostel provides direct employment and incomes for over 20 Bolivian workers and their families. All our providers and suppliers are based in Bolivia. All the owners are residents of Peru and Bolivia. Hostels such as ours are not run by multinational corporations. They are run by hard working locals and ex-backpackers. We have raised thousands of dollars for the local charity Para Los Ninos and provide the children with clothes and food donations as well as Christmas and Birthday presents.

We have nearly 200 beds and an occupancy rate of 90%. We are the hostel of choice for thousands of backpackers. In 2009 alone over 12,000 backpackers stayed with us in Loki La Paz. It beggars belief that the Lonely Planet writer could favorably describe the services and amenities of other flea-ridden and run down hostels in dangerous areas and leave Loki La Paz with this:

"Self - Promoting, Party Pumper and one of a chain of insomnia-crowd-attracting hostels. UPFRONT WARNING: If you don’t already know about it, you probably shouldn’t stay here.

It seems to suggest to us that the Lonely Planet is incredibly out of touch with one massive section of its customers: Backpackers in South America, young and old. It seems to suggest that the Lonely Planet is not only dispensing travel advice in South America but actually making judgments on a section of the current breed of traveller and trying to influence them because some petty agenda or bias.

We feel that the review is unreasonable and factually incorrect, not to mention possibly libelous. We believe it to be an attack on our business. The deliberate and malicious separation of two hostels ( the 2 most popular in La Paz) by the writer and the editor, from the rest of the reviews by using a smaller font and the preface of “only mentioned because they’d be obvious by their absence” is remarkably uncharacteristic and unprecedented for any Lonely Planets that we have read. The omission of any of the services, characteristics or amenities and the inclusion of a general side swipe at what the writer deems to be a certain type of hostel, is pretty poor journalism at best. 




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TUESDAY, 27, APRIL, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Some of you might be interested in the continuing dispute between Loki and the Lonely Planet. We have been in email correspondence with the only Lonely Planet staffer who will engage with us.  Here are a few quotes from the email exchange that we are having:



“I have made sure that the complaint about regarding your review has been sent to the authors and the commissioning editor of this title. Please be assured that they will take your complaint seriously when the next edition is due to be reviewed. Encouraging travellers to write in on your behalf won’t influence their decision, as the authors will independently research and write your review when visiting and inspecting your property. However, it does make more work for us, so I would be very grateful if you didn't encourage travellers to send in reviews



“I am sure that they all understand that no amount of lobbying will change the situation. But what I am also sure of is that they would like a proper response and explanation for what is an apparent insult to them and their Hostel chain of choice. The review, which I am sure you have read, directly insults the patrons of the hostel:

"one of a chain of insomnia-crowd attracting hostels."

Our guests ( some of which are LP customers ) are asking for a medium through which to express their disappointment. 

To this end, an actual email of someone directly responsible for this edition is what I require.”



We’ll have to agree to disagree at this point and you are, of course, welcome to your own opinion. 

The best way to get feedback to our authors is via the Contact Us form on our website:


As you can see, they have refused to give us the email address of the writer responsible for the review.  We obtained the email by other means and have sent our formal response to her. To date we have not received a reply.


As a company we are aware of the legal pressures that the Lonely Planet might feel ties their hands. But for us, as individuals, as a team and as part of the wider Loki family it is our responsibility not to stay silent. We understand that the Lonely Planet will not succumb to any kind of online campaign; we understand that they will not listen to you, to us or even to common sense.

What outrages us most is the insinuation that you guys are not travellers in the sense that they see it. There is a sense that travellers who enjoy the facilities, advice and good times in hostels such as Loki are somehow cheating or not roughing it enough to be considered “Real” travellers.

There are little or none of our guests who have not had their fair share of adventures and rough times while travelling.  Our guests are not an inferior subset of travellers. Does the Lonely Planet begrudge you a cold beer, a hot shower and a comfortable bed as well as the company of like-minded people? Does the Lonely Planet think that you as travellers are somehow not entitled to be in South America?

Simply put Loki Loves You but the Lonely Planet evidently think you are a crowd of uncultured populist insomniacs. 


Please see attached our new Tshirt Designs!


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MONDAY, 15, MARCH, 2010

I drink to your health when I’m with you,
I drink to your health when I’m alone,
I drink to your health so often,
I’m starting to worry about my own!

But the greatest love, above all loves,
Even greater than that of a mother,
Is the tender, passionate, undying love
Of one beer drunken slob for another.

Here’s to being single…
Drinking doubles…
And seeing triple!

Here’s to women’s kisses,
and to whiskey, amber clear.
Not as sweet as a woman’s kiss,
But a darn sight more sincere!

Here’s to our wives and girlfriends…
May they never meet!

As you ramble through life, whatever be your goal,
Keep your eye upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole.

Best while you have it, use your breath.
There is no drinking after death.

May misfortune follow you the rest of your life,
But never catch up.

May you die in bed at 95 years,
Shot by a jealous wife!

May you have the health of a salmon:
A strong heart and a wet mouth!

May your bank account always be bigger than your troubles.

A toast to your coffin.
May it be made of 100 year-old oak,
And may we plant the tree together, tomorrow.

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