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Hey Guys,


I remember the first time I heard about the mountain Huayna Potosi. We had literally just opened Loki La Paz in March 2007. Two English guests, who's names escape me now, handed me a photo at reception that was of a mountain peak at dawn. They asked us to pin it up behind reception and show it to anyone who asked about climbing Huayna Potosi. On the reverse of this stunning photo was the scrawl: "Don't do it".


4 years later, I am in bad shape. I'm over 100 kilos at last weigh in and have been living a fun and booze-filled life. I eat well and drink even better. As I am into my 30s now, my priorities have changed a little and I am begining to worry that my most adventurous days are behind me. Bi-yearly trips to Rurrenabaque have started to become less and less engaging, and in what could well be a pre-mid-life-crisis, I have decided to climb Huayna Potosi.


Huayna Potosi is sometimes called the easiest 6000meter mountain in the world. This doesn't really make me more confident as for the last 4 years I have heard the almost weekly backpacker chatter about success and failure on the mountain. My own brother, who has was in the first Irish expedition to cross South Georgia ( since Shackleton and Crean of course ) attempted Huayna Potosi a year ago, but was turned back by a ferocious snow storm.


I should be in good company with Phil Rice, who is the owner of our partner tour agency in La Paz, Kanoo Tours, who along with another friend has decided to undertake the challenge. Our plan at the moment is:


1. Get Fit

2. Climb Mankilisani 

3. Realise we didn't really get fit, and start again

4. Sometime in June/July climb HP


Stay tuned to see how it all pans out!


Is Mise le meas